How to Start a Small Business in a Small Town :: Episode 13

Jun 16, 2020 | The Business & Learning Show

Today we are joined by two entrepreneurs that are going against the grain and making changes in a small Texas town. In fact, their business is located next door to our friend Lisa Woods of East Social House.
Sajid Shaikh and Axvier Hatch have been in the medical world since a young age and their joint dreams of bringing quality care to Hutto Tx is now a reality. Not only did they open a new business but they opened one during a global pandemic on Main Street in small-town America.

In this episode, we discuss:

    • 1. How to open a business in a small town


    • 2. How to manage working relationship and friendship


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Favorite Quotes:

    “It is gonna grow because that's what everyone wants.”
    “We can't let our friendship entwine with our business. We make a way for it to work.”
    “There is a level of ignorance that is acceptable.”

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