Why Self-Care Is Essential for Entrepreneurs with Melissa Clark :: Episode 29

Jan 28, 2021 | The Business & Learning Show

Hello Friends! 

When we think of the most successful women entrepreneurs, we often use words such as ambition, innovation, and creativity. While all these are true, the less publicized side is quite simple: they all make time for self-care. Whether it is a mani-pedi, working out, or just some time alone to relax, they all make self-care a top priority.  

In today’s episode, Alaina and I  are joined by the fabulous Melissa Clark to talk about why self-care is so important, especially mom-entrepreneurs. 

Melissa is a Podcaster, Author, and Christian Professional Counselor in the Dallas area. In addition to counseling, Melissa has a heart for the community. She speaks at schools, organizations, and businesses about Eating Disorders, Identity Issues, and Body Image.

In today's episode, we also discuss:

  1. Melissa shares 5 practical steps for incorporating self-care into your day.
  2. God made all of us well and each of us is worth taking care of ourselves.
  3. Melissa explains the difference between self-care and soul-care.


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