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Welcome to the B&L Campus Affiliate Center! We are delighted that you are here and encourage you to read through this page before making the decision to partner with us.  We thoroughly love our Affiliate Partners and want to see them thrive in making an income by promoting our products and services.  However, YOU need to love us too prior to becoming one of our Affiliate Partners. One way that we show how much we love you is through education.  I bet you saw that coming since, um, our company name is Business and Learning.  The demographics of our readership range from extreme newbies (those who are just thinking about entrepreneurship) to the serial entrepreneur (those who've been in business for years).  We will do our best to meet the need of both sides of the spectrum. However, we do depend on you to let us know how we are doing.  Yes, we want to hear from you…good or bad.  If it's bad…go lightly on me…I cry easily, but don't ever hesitate to let us know how we can improve things.  That's the only way we're going to get better at what we do…when we do better, you love us more!  We show our love to you by providing you with top notch products to promote; and, you show your love for us by promoting our products and providing us with feedback.  See, it's a win-win situation. Also, we do not claim to have all the answersIf we did make such a ridiculous claim, we would expect you to slap us silly and run the other way as fast as you can.  Seriously, in the game of doing business, we all need to have an open mind to learning new things.  Keep our thinking caps on with a notepad and pen in hand at all times.  The business culture is forever changing and we need to learn and grow with those changes if we want to be successful in business. What is an Affiliate Partner? Great question and I'm so happy that you've asked! 🙂  An Affiliate Partner is someone who believes in a product enough to promote it to others.  When someone buys that product through the Affiliate Partner's link, the Affiliate Partner earns a commission.  For example, you promote our product, someone buys our product through your promotion, you make money.  It's as simple as that, so long as you know the dynamics of affiliate marketing. How much is the commission and when will I get paid? Another great question!  Our commissions start at 25% and go as high as 50%.  It depends on the product.  You should consider that the product will pay you a 25% commission unless it is indicated otherwise.  Also, we pay via Paypal on the 15th of each month for the previous month.  What this means is, if you make sales in March, you will be paid for those sales on April 15th.  If you do not have a Paypal account, you will need to set one up. It's free! Oh yeah, we also offer a 5% second tier commission.  And, we have lifetime cookies. No, I'm talking about the chocolate chip kind, but the kind that no matter if 5 years from now someone you referred to our site decides to make a purchase you still get the commission.  That's why it is extremely important to keep your information updated in our system at all times. Do I need to keep track of my sells? Nope, our shopping cart does all the work. It will keep track of the number of clicks you receive and it will keep track of the number of sales. You will receive an email each time someone purchases from your link.  You can also find this information when you log in to your affiliate account. If I want to purchase something can I use my own affiliate link? No. We consider that double dipping.  However, when we have a new product for you to promote, I normally will offer it to five (5) affiliates to try and do a review on it.  So, if you see a product that you would like to test drive, let me know and I'll see if there are any review spots available.  Again, just another way to say we love you! What's with all this “love” stuff? You see, I've been in business for a long time and realized many years back that I can be professional and still have a personality.  Imagine that! By nature I'm a grateful person.  I appreciate when someone does things for me and I make an appoint of telling them.  So by me telling you that we love our affiliates, I can honestly say that we do.  My team and I work very hard to bring you the best of the best and we are grateful when you take the time to tell others about us.  So, all this “love” stuff is just another way of saying we appreciate YOU! So what do you have to promote? Here's a sneak peak at what is available at the moment. We have more projects on the horizon and once launched you will be able to promote them too. For now, we have the following (click on the banners for more product information): Once you sign up to be our Affiliate Partner, you will have access to our Affiliate Toolbox.  Our Affiliate Toolbox is loaded with product information, promotional materials, training materials, updates from Rhonda Warren (our Affiliate Manager), and so much more!  So what are you waiting for…sign up today! Click HERE to become one of our Affiliate Partners.  You will actually register in two places.  The first place is via our shopping cart so that it can track all of your sales.  The second place will be our access to our Affiliate Toolbox so that you can learn more about our products.  Both are equally important and will only need to be done once. If you're already an Affiliate Partner and have an Affiliate ID, you will need to register HERE so that you can have access to the Affiliate Toolbox.  This is the area that you will log into from now on.  Once registered, you will receive an email from us with detailed instructions. As always, we would love to hear from you!  If you have an questions, please contact Rhonda or a member of our Affiliate  Management Team. Thank you and I look forward to seeing YOU around the B&L Campus!

Kelli R. Claypool, President & CEO
Business and Learning

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