FTC Regulations

As of December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission handed down regulations with regard to endorsements and testimonials.  It is extremely important that you understand the ramifications of said regulations as they pertain to you. The representatives of Business and Learning cannot give legal advice regarding these guidelines, or how these guidelines may affect your business, or how you should proceed. We do, however, recommend that you obtain all of the details on the FTC website. Here are several videos from Mary Engle, Associate Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection the Endorsement Guides:

What's new about the Endorsement Guides?

Why did the FTC update the Endorsement Guides?

What do the Endorsement Guides mean for bloggers?

How do bloggers follow the Endorsement Guides?

Is the FTC planning to sue bloggers?

Where to go for more information?

As with anything you do in business, you must must must use good judgment and due diligence.  It is your responsibility to do the right thing and not necessarily follow the crowd simply because they're doing it. Like my Granny always said…”Do what's right, keep your nose clean and you'll have nothing to worry about”!]]>

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