B&L Internship Program

Why Choose Business & Learning? Every day we provide diverse services and opportunities that better the lives of people, both at home and in their businesses. At Business and Learning, your talents will contribute to creating products and services that will bring a positive change to the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur. The B&L Internship Program is an excellent opportunity to have a hand in creating that change by working with and among people who truly care about our members. As business owners, we are faced with problems that affect all of us, such as the know how to grow our businesses and maintain a lifestyle that we desire. These problems depend on the ability of the B&L Team and its members to become active participants in finding solutions. As an intern at B&L, you will be challenged to view these problems and solutions from a broader perspective, one that will enable you to learn through experience, and evolve from well-educated students, into experienced professionals. All of this takes place in a dynamic easy-to-learn environment that encourages individual learning and growth. So become a part of it all by participating in this exciting and rewarding program.

Positions Available:

Executive Assistant Community & Social Media Media Assistant CopyWriting Website Maintenance
Please understand that the above positions are virtual internships, which means you can perform your duties while sipping a fruity drink on a beach or coffee in your local coffee shop. However because it is virtual, you will be expected to be trustworthy and display extreme work ethics. I'm willing to pour my time, energy, knowledge, and experience into you so long as you are willing to accept the challenge of providing excellence in your attitude, your work, and your dedication. If you are known to make excuses for not completing assignments, please do not apply. I do expect constant communication and updates on all work progress. If this annoys you, please do not apply. If you desire to learn from an experienced Business & Marketing Coach who has helped hundreds of clients succeed in business, then please DO apply. I want to work with YOU! If interested, please email me your resume. I look forward to hearing from you!

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