Upcoming Webinar : Daily Self-Discipline for Entrepreneurs

Being Self-Disciplined is no longer an option…it's a MUST! Self-discipline is easy for some people. To a rare few, it’s enjoyable and empowering, giving them a feeling of control; but to others, it’s like knowing you have to ingest a particularly vile, liquid medicine, twenty times a day, forever and ever. After the first few doses, contrary to popular opinion, it grows harder and harder to force yourself to swallow that dose.Daily Self-Disclipine FREE Webinar Many entrepreneurs are focused and passionate about what they do but sometimes self-discipline can be difficult especially when you're running the show all by yourself. 

Join me as I share my top tips for daily self-discipline in a successful and sustainable manner. Together, we're going work our way through seven steps to getting back on track and finding workable solutions to increasing self-discipline – and feeling good about it.T
Here is a brief description of what you can expect  :
The  Step-by-Step Webinar Covers:
  • Step 1: Admit There is a Problem
  • Step 2: Create and Maintain Daily Rituals
  • Step 3: Eliminate Distractions
  • Step 4: Fire Up Your Kitchen Timer
  • Step 5: Eat the Frog
  • Step 6: Reward Yourself
  • Step 7: Plan Your Day the Night Before

Plus, You’ll Also Get All these Valuable Templates + Tools

I know that you will LOVE having these that you download and print off to help you apply what you've learned Here’s what you’ll get to have more self-discipline:
  • Worksheet
  • 4 Week Done-for-You Calendar
  • Action Checklist
  • 21 Ideas Blueprint 
This on-demand webinar is FREE to attend, so plan to be there and invite your friends and colleagues too! Simply fill in  your name and email below and it will be sent to you immediately! Sign up RIGHT NOW! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Who is Tammy Munson  and why should I listen to her? As the Co-Founder and CEO of Business and Learning, Tammy Munson works with female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to maximize their efficiency through systems and processes in order to increase their bottom line, work fewer hours, and live their ultimate lifestyle. Tammy surrounds herself with friends and colleagues who have the desire to succeed in all areas of life; financially, spiritually, and physically. “There is nothing standing in your way to success and growth, but you!” says Tammy. On a personal note, she likes really a cold glass of Zinfandel in the evening and is always up for some great Cajun food!

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