Our Favorite Tools

Calendar/Scheduling Tool You're busy making money, the last thing you need to do is go back and forth with someone to schedule an appointment. With Time Trade, you can eliminate the emails or phone calls back and forth. TimeTrade is the world leader in online appointment scheduling systems used by businesses to create new sales prospects, accelerate the sales and service process, and make it easy and fast to interact with customers. Our online appointment scheduling software products are built on our flexible Scheduling Cloud Platform that enables customized, enterprise-strength solutions that are fully integrated with existing business processes and workflows.

  • Email or post your online scheduling link and let people book appointments with you.
  • Connect to your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar so you never have to worry about double-booking.
  • Focus on the important stuff while you and your contacts get automated confirmations and meeting reminders.
  • Create different meeting types – demos, intro calls – whatever you need.
FREE Edition: http://www.timetrade.com/applications/personal-edition PROFESSIONAL Edition: http://www.timetrade.com/products/professional-edition (this is the one we use) ($60 a year)

Email Message Management Tool

Boomerang for Gmail (also for Outlook)

  • Send an email later. With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the message as you normally would, then click the Send Later button. Use our handy calendar picker or our text box that understands language like “next Monday” to tell Boomerang when to send your message. We'll take it from there.
  • The best follow up reminders. Want a cleaner inbox, but don't want to lose track of important messages? Use Boomerang to take messages out of your inbox until you actually need them. Just click the Boomerang button when you have an email open, and choose when you need it again. Boomerang will archive the message. At the time you chose, we'll bring it back to your inbox, marked unread, starred, or even at the top of your message list.
  • Remind you if you don't hear back. There are times you need to make sure you follow up within a specific time frame after sending a message. You can select to only be reminded if nobody replies, or regardless. This way you won't let messages slip through the crack and will never forget to follow up with people.
The a FREE account up to 10 emails a month. This is what we use. If you need more than 10 emails a month, prices start at $4.99 a month Click HERE to learn more about Boomerang...You'll LOVE it!

Facebook Fans Tool

FANS FLOOD – Instantly Get More Facebook Fans, FREE Give your visitors a REASON to click the like button that will reveal your “locked” content when it is clicked by your visitor.
  • Copy & Paste right into your site. If you can copy & paste, we give you a devastatingly simple way to leverage the awesome viral marketing power of Facebook by turning a simple ‘Like’ button into something that your visitors are DESPERATE to press.
$47.00 a one-time fee http://www.fansflood.com/

Shopping Carts/eCommerce Tools

WP Shopping Cart
1. Do you sell, or want to sell, digital content, products or services from your WordPress site on Autopilot while maintaining total SECURITY of your digital asset? 2. Are you frustrated with the e-commerce WordPress plugins you’ve looked at? Do you want a plugin with reliable customer service (where your questions get answered and issues get addressed)? 3. Do you hate the thought of paying ongoing fees and commissions to sell via a third party web site? If you are still reading, then the WordPress eStore plugin may be just what you need!
WP Affiliate Platform
It is a known fact that having an affiliate program is the most powerful way to market your products or services online If you own a WordPress blog/site and your answer to the following questions are ‘yes’ then the ‘WordPress Affiliate Platform’ is what you need:
  1. Do you sell products or services online from your WordPress blog/site?
  2. Do you want to increase your sales and explode your profits by using an affiliate program?
  3. Do you want to have your own affiliate program so you can cut the middle man and build your own brand?
$79 for both tools or $49 each individually. We use these! Click HERE to learn more about either one of these tools.


PDF to JPG converter - pdf2jpg.net
  • Want to convert PDF to JPG? Submit your PDF, we convert it to JPG, online! You will also have the opportunity to download the pictures as a zip file.
  • Our free PDF to JPG online converter is the simplest way to convert PDF to JPG. Nothing to download and to install, the whole process takes place online.
  • We process your PDF documents and convert them to produce high quality JPG. Using an online service help you convert your PDF to JPG quickly, without the burden of installing additional software on your PC.
FREE tool http://pdf2jpg.net/ Convert your .pdf files to Word for FREE http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/


irunrun logo

An app to help you achieve…anything.

IRUNURUN is a performance and accountability app designed to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals through focus, consistency, and accountability. Improve sales, start a business, get in shape, build great relationships…anything.

Focus, Consistency, Accountability

This tool is FREE and ah-mazing! http://www.irunurun.com/


Deskaway Logo

Feel good about staying on top of your work each day

DeskAway is a smart web-based project collaboration software that provides teams a central place to organize, manage & track work.
  • Nothing to download, install or configure.
  • 100% Web-based. Try it before you buy it.
  • Easy to use. Get started in minutes.
  • Feature-rich. Less is always less. More is great.
  • Start small & scale up usage as needed.
Have a FREE version for limited accounts. http://deskaway.com/


Bulk manage all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites simultaneously.
CMS Commander Will Help You Save Time And Earn More!
Take full command of your site network! Have all your sites at your fingertips, keep your plugins updated in a matter of minutes, schedule automatic backups, write better articles, clone whole websites or insert related affiliate ads – CMS Commander makes all this and more possible. No matter if you own one, ten or hundreds of sites.

The Main Benefits of Using CMS Commander

  • Save time by managing all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites simultaneously without the need to log into each admin area.
  • Create better articles by utilizing CMS Commanders various autoposting features to fetch content from over 15 different sources.
  • Make more money by including related affiliate products in your articles, bulk editing all your posts and adding affiliate ads and more monetization options.
Fees are based on the amount of websites you want to manage. http://cmscommander.com/

What WordPress Theme Is That?

Why was “What WordPress Theme Is That” Created?

People are always on the lookout for a good WordPress theme. Often when they find a WordPress site they really like, it isn't always obvious which theme is being used (particularly if there is no WordPress Theme link or name in the footer). If you know what to do, you can look at the HTML source and hunt out the information, but most people either don't know how or don't want to do that. This service was created in order to make it really easy for you to get all the details of what WordPress theme is being used on a site, so that you can create your own perfect WordPress site. In addition to finding out what theme is being used, you will also be able to see what WordPress plugins are being used. http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/

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