How to Take on Facebook Ads and More with Dorothy Illson :: Episode 10

May 26, 2020 | The Business & Learning Show

This week we are joined by entrepreneur, speaker, and paid traffic expert Dorothy Illson. Dorothy is the owner of Needle's Eye Media and host of the Do Well & Do Good Podcast.
Dorothy has dedicated thousands and thousands of hours and dollars to learning everything there is to know about paid traffic. Her agency manages millions in ad spend for clients.

In this episode, we discuss:

    • 1. What you should be doing today to get started and scale with Facebook Ads


    • 2. Do Well and Do Good


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Favorite Quotes:

    “If you really want to take ads seriously, it is important to learn how to build them inside Ads Manager because that's gonna allow you to optimize for the specific conversion or specific action that you really want people to take which is going to get you way better results from your ads versus just boosting a post and getting comments that may or may not be from your target customer.”
    “Giving is a habit.”

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