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Yay, you made it to this exclusive for-your-eyes-only page!  Working with you has been amazing and I look forward to doing it again real soon.  As you know, offering testimonials to potential clients shows credibility and gives a sense of trust.  Since you've had the joy of seeing my work first hand, you are the perfect person to offer that credibility.

I know you're busy and I want to make this process super easy for you, so follow along and enjoy the process!

There’s an art to leaving a good testimonial. I’m going to share with you the secret, and I encourage you to swipe these testimonial secrets and use them when you collect testimonials for yourself. Here we go… It’s a Simple Two-Step Process 1. Begin your testimonial by stating your name and company and where you’re from. 2. Then hone in on a specific result you received from our work together. To get ideas, here are excellent questions you could answer in your testimonial. Simply choose one or two of these questions to answer and that’s all there is to it.

  • How would you rate your experience with me? Good, great, excellent, over the top?

  • What’s the most important thing you learned or result you achieved?

  • How will you use this information to improve your business?

  • How much time and money do you think our call saved you?

  • What convinced you to buy this in the first place?

  • How would you describe my service to another entrepreneur?

That's it. That's all you need to think about when preparing your testimonial. Now, how would you like to deliver your testimonial?

In Writing: If you are a writer, then put it in writing. A Word document is wonderful. Please email your testimonial to testimonial@businessandlearning.com. Be sure to include your colored photograph, your full name, company name, and a url to link your business

In Audio: By voicing your testimonial, people will be able to hear your excitement by the different pitches in your voice. This is a great way to get your point across effectively.  I've set up a private testimonial line for you. Simply call (512) 827-0505 ext 5660 and follow the prompts. I'll take care of the rest. Keep in mind that the time allowed for the testimonial is 5 minutes. Be sure to get your message recorded within that time frame. If you mess up, no sweat, just hang up and call back in (or you can continue to follow the prompts and re-record).

In Video: Video is hot and if you're using it, you know that it can be a huge asset. So why not provide a video testimonial. This is a fantastic way for people to see your expressions, to see your enthusiasm, and see you singing my praises. (Woohoo…I love that!) Once the video is complete, you can upload it to your YouTube Channel and then provide me with a link to the video. I do not recommend emailing it because of its size. If you do not have a YouTube Channel, let me know and I'll share my DropBox account with you so that the video can be uploaded there.

Need Some Inspiration?

In order to get your creative juices flowing when writing your testimonial, here are a few one-liners that others are saying about me.

"Kelli is truly the Coach Extrodinaire"

"I've made more money in one month while working with Kelli than I have all year"

"Kelli is a coach's coach. She understands my needs and works with me to achieve my dreams"

"Kelli has a soft way about her, but she is not a push-over. She can kick your butt and make you accountable for your actions"

"Kelli is results driven. If she doesn't see results, she re-evaluates the plan"

"Unconventional describes Kelli, because she listens to my needs, wants, and desires. Then plans actionable steps accordingly"

That's It! Easy, huh?

Thank you for providing me with your testimonial. I really do appreciate it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My personal email is kelli@businessandlearning.com. Our office phone is 270-385-0654.

Okay, please hurry and send over the testimonial…the suspense is driving me crazy. Oh the anticipation! 🙂


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